Written by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

“There’s nothing quite like the feeling of an “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE”.  As a matter of fact, if you are feeling stressed, anxious, or unhappy, spend MORE time in GRATITUDE.”, from Todd Durkin’s, recently released ‘The WOW Book’.

At our PLF Team meeting this week I gave everyone this book, and reminded them how grateful I was of them.   In chapter 44, Gratitude, from Todd Durkin’s The WOW Book, he talks about keeping a gratitude journal to write in a few times a week.  I love this idea, and what better time of year to start!  When we take a moment to step back and see all the amazing things that are happening right in front of us, it puts things in perspective.  I’m grateful for so many things… my daughter, and first child, Quinn and her Dad, Positive LifeForce, and everything we do to help people be happy, healthy and strong. I’m also grateful for the accepting community and atmosphere we have created at the studio, and our committed and diverse team.  The list could go on and on.  I’m sure yours could too.

When was the last time you started to list out everything you’re grateful for?  Thanksgiving and Christmas is not just about food and presents, it’s a time we get to see family, be reminded of all the gifts we have in our lives (not just physical), and get the opportunity to share that with those important to us.  Let’s all spend a little extra time over the next month being a little more mindful and recognizing the daily gifts we are given.  Try it out, then share it.  Help someone else, give the gift of kindness, say thank you, smile…

If you are taking the time out of your day to read this, thank you.  Let’s make our world, the one right in front of us that we can affect, one of love and gratitude.  Happy Holidays!