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From Yoga classes to massages, Yogage is committed to helping you find balance in your life. Y O G A G E is the Private Yoga and massage Studio of Carol Potts, RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher, LMT – NY State Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner. CLICK HERE to be taken to […]

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Yosai School of Karate

Here at “Yosai” we offer instruction in traditional Japanese Karate. All classes are taught by master instructor, Shihan Renee Datto (8th degree black belt). Classes are offered to students starting at the age of 6. The program focuses on basic empty hand forms, Japanese weaponry, contact sparring and self defense. We also offer a cardio […]

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Green Dragon Bagua Zhang School

Green Dragon Bagua Zhang serves as a second home for those who wish to improve their lives. We train in a judgment free zone, to bring out the best in ourselves and each other. You will learn to defend yourself in many ways (through joint locks, throws, striking, pressure point utilization, and weapons) against opponents […]

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grow change love

Linking one movement to the next using awareness of your breath with this Vinyasa style of yoga. Moving past negative thoughts and allowing the impossible to become possible. Stress relief, easier focus, increased strength, better breathing and inner bliss are just a few of the benefits of this practice. Roll out your mat and find […]

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Peaceful Juicy Being – Narani O’Shaughnessy

Narani O’Shaughnessy, owner of Peaceful Juicy Being, believes yoga is an extremely effective practice for developing and maintaining a sound body, mind, and Spirit. It reflects and enhances your life journey; it’s a life long process, not a demand to be good at or master postures. One does not have to be flexible, strong, young […]

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