Expect the best! By Kelsey Searles

Expect The Best!

Yesterday I did a lunchtime yoga class for a local company, and ended with a reading from one of my favorite books given to me by my mentor Todd Durkin, “The Power of Attitude”, by Mac Anderson.  The reading was titled Expect The Best.  “It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best.  You very often get it.” ~ W. Somerset Maughn

In the story the little boy asked his grandfather about the world situation, in which the grandfather replied his heart was conflicted.  The grandson asked who would win the fight; hate and anger, or peace, love, and forgiveness?  He simply replied, “the one I feed”.

We are all busy, we all deal with world events, local events, and everything else going on around us and in our lives.  There are ups, downs, and sometimes sideways type days.  How we choose to think about everything going on around us can shape our life.  In his book, Anderson calls it “a life-changing law of the universe…You become what you think about.”  What have you been thinking about?  Are your thoughts guiding your life?  What if you took this summer to try this?

Bridge Runner Blog – RACE DAY!

I did it! Despite Sunday’s race day being 42 degrees and rainy and waking up the day before the race with a chest cold, I was able to run the whole race and made pretty decent time! I had a look at the online statistics for the race and 713 people participated in the 5K so I finished in the top half of the race as a whole since 128 people didn’t finish the race and I landed at the exact center of my age group. I feel satisfied with these results and now I have something to try to beat for my next race. When I started the training, running a mile seemed like a pretty big feat so I am pleased that I was able to increase my endurance and complete 3 miles without too much of a problem.

I can see how this can be a bit addicting and I’m already kind of looking forward to trying a 10K after the summer when the weather hopefully won’t be too hot. I’m not so sure I’m made for marathon running but maybe someday I would even try to get up to a half marathon..maybe. I wish there were more in between type races because it still is a long way from a 10K (6miles) to a half marathon (13 miles)!

I really enjoyed the running class at PLF and think it made all the difference for me to stay motivated. The three specific homework assignments each week and especially the class once a week where we ran together helped a great deal to stay on track and to push myself to do more. Erin and Ken had also mentioned doing a few extra runs together on the weekend to get some extra practice together and I think that that would have been quite helpful for me as well. I wasn’t able to do these this time but two times a week running with others would definitly be useful since I always run faster when I run with other people, so more practice at a faster pace may have improved my overall race time.

It is amazing how much one can change and improve in just a few weeks. With mindset and commitment, most things can be accomplished.

Bridge Runner Blog – 1 week to the race!

We’re only 1 week from the Bridge Run! I have continued to do my three homework assignments a week and am pleased that I am consistently able to run the 3.1 miles to complete my 5K. I’ve been experimenting with running a little longer sometimes as well and know that I can at least run 4 ½ miles now so I have some leeway (and perhaps hope of running a 10K in the not too distant future). My time could certainly be improved but I still have trouble keeping up the correct pace while alone. I did invest in some cheap wireless headphones and they have definitely helped me both with pace and oddly my breathing pattern. The music has allowed me to enjoy running more and view it as a little break where I can just focus on the music I like instead of constantly checking to see how much further I need to run. It also drowns out the sound of my breathing and so I’m not as conscious of it and therefore I seem to adopt a more natural pattern and can think of other things.

Another (pretty obvious) thing that I have certainly noticed is that running with someone else (who is a bit faster than me) improves my pace. If I pair up with someone else who has a slightly faster pace, even informally, I’m able to basically keep up with their pace. It’s kind of like being on a treadmill and I don’t have to think about my speed. Somehow despite knowing that I can sustain a faster pace and even while tracking my pace using whatever gadget, I am not able to stay at my fast or moderate pace yet when I run alone. I check my pace every 5 minutes and try to pick up my pace but my body can’t seem to remember the correct pace so this struggle continues. I am hoping that the number of people on race day allows me to keep up my pace. I just have to make sure I don’t try to keep up with someone who is much faster than me as I’d rather finish the race with a steady run rather than burn out and have to walk over the finish line.


Make Lemonade! – By Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

When life throws you lemons… make lemonade.  Not an original thought, but it puts mindset in perspective.  Why did this thought pop into view?  It was a conversation I had with a client last week who consistently trains each week, barring deep sickness or pain.  Life has dealt them what many might call a bucket of lemons, but they show up, and work as hard as they can.  They said that having someone who’s willing to work with them, and not just assume they can’t do something because they might have some limitations, makes them very thankful.  This not only led me to this lemons quote, but reaffirmed what Positive LifeForce is about.  It’s not just a job, it’s not just a business.  It is about helping people, ALL people feel good, be healthier, and just believing in each other.  It goes both ways.  We believe in our clients, but I know they believe in us to be there, motivate, not give up on them, and find ways to get them moving.  Just because you might be in a wheelchair, not able to stand for long periods of time, have a prosthetic arm, knee replacements, or any other “limitation”. So what!  There’s a place for you, and I’m personally proud to have been involved in creating that, along with an amazing team throughout the years.  Tomorrow I dare you to go out and motivate or help someone.  Show them that lemons make amazing lemonade (beet lemonade is my favorite).

Bridge Runner Blog – Nicole Aitchison

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As we roll into week 6, spring is finally here and the weather is pretty much doing as it should for this time of year: lots of rain and some nice warm (for me at least) weather. I think I mentioned that I hate the heat so high 50s to mid 70s are my perfect temperature range. I have been running more outside now and our sessions have moved outside too. We re-ran our best mile last week outside and though I thought I was going pretty fast, my time was about 20 seconds slower than a few weeks ago! I’m still working to internalize my appropriate pace but am struggling.

One reason I may have gotten a slower time could be that for the last two weeks my hip has been really bothering me. I would start running on it and it would get sore as I ran but it really started hurting after I stopped running and so I would have to try to rest it for a few days. Ken spent time with me teaching me how to chi run, a different running style where you basically use gravity to propel you forward and you run with your upper body ahead of your feet at all times. It is meant to be kinder to your joints but is a little tricky to learn. Unfortunately, since I probably wasn’t chi running properly, my hip kept hurting and I was starting to get really worried about it so I called to set up an doctor appointment only to find out that I couldn’t get in until the end of April! However, when I was in the gym on Saturday to run the treadmill, Erin showed me some stretches to do on the foam roller. I have never used, or even seen, a foam roller before but I was amazed by the results. Not only did it seem to help make my treadmill run painless (and I did afull 5K at a speed slightly above my moderate pace!), I haven’t been nearly as sore since. I need to buy one, it seems like a miracle worker. Honestly, with just a few minutes of rolling on this, I seemed to be back on track. I was having nightmare visions of not being able to run on race day or worse yet walking with a limp for the rest of my life (I do tend to exaggerate things) and now feel confident that it was in fact just a small injury that I’ll get over.

So I guess my goal over the next few weeks is to try to run at my treadmill pace while on my outside homework assignments. I think I’m going to buy wireless headphones and see if music will pick up my pace.

Bridge Runner Blog – RACE DAY!

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Tomorrow will be week four of the training already! I have really been enjoying the training with Erin and Ken. I also really like being with a group of people who are running as it definitely helps me keep my own pace up and helps me to stay more focused and driven (it’s also a plus that they are all kind and helpful). I don’t love running on the indoor track as you have to go around 15 times for it to equal a mile but with 30 inches of snow outside it is a nice alternative to a treadmill, at least the scenery changes a tiny bit. The last two days have been so warm though that I have been able to run around the streets a bit, though many sidewalks still aren’t shoveled. I really like to be outside and like the temperature to be pretty cold too so I don’t get too overheated while I run.

So each week we meet and run “together” (I guess that’s because its an indoor track and I see my running cohort as they run past me since I’m still slow) and then get three bits of homework to complete before the next group meeting. The first week I did well, though I substituted one for a spin class. I did both on a treadmill so I could maintain the speed that I am meant to be running at, since I don’t seem to have an internal clock that regulates that kind of thing (yet at least). The second week was much harder for a few different reasons. I guess even in normal every day life it is a challenge to carve out and retain a space for exercise when you have two small children; however, when extras happen like loads of snow to shovel and a 4 year old birthday party to plan, cook, clean and set up for and one car in the garage, it becomes much more of a struggle. This, however, is one of the reasons I am so interested in becoming better at running. As long as the weather is decent or if I invest in my own treadmill someday, I won’t have to worry about class times or gym opening times and I can have more flexibility in maintaining that non-negotiable time for exercise. Last week; however, I actually only got to do one of my homework assignments and I think it was evident at my last group training. I was so out of breath and I was feeling pretty guilty! Nonetheless, I was able to complete all the running during the session and didn’t quite get lapped by everyone anymore, even if I’m not keeping up at their pace. For me to go from not running to being able to run three miles consecutively is pretty shocking to me so I’m not at all worried about my times, I’m just happy that I am able to complete the runs.

In saying that though, to improve myself as a runner I know that I need to learn to set and keep an appropriate pace and this for me is a major struggle. I know from being on a treadmill that I am able to run at and maintain my moderate steady rate without too much of a problem but left to my own devices I slow way down. At training I think I am “peer pressured” in a great way into running faster so that helps too and this will hopefully help on race day as well. I mentioned above that I got to do two of my homework assignments this week outdoors and though I loved running outside my times were much slower so that is a bit disheartening to me. I don’t know if it is because I keep looking at my phone to see my run rate and distance or if I’m distracted by too many interesting things to look at or if it’s just the obstacles of street running rather than track running but I was disappointed by my inability to maintain the rate of speed that I was meant to be running. I know I’m new to this and need more practice so I look forward to hopefully improving on this in the upcoming weeks before race day!

Looking Back & Looking Forward – by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

This  greeting  is a throwback from 3 years ago.  This one really grabbed me and reminded me how scary, invigorating, and empowering sharing your story is.  I love reading others stories and hope you’d be comfortable sharing your story with us.  We truly believe sharing stories can help motivate and encourage others, and doesn’t it feel good to help someone else?  If you’d like to share, please email me and we will be adding this to a new section on our website under “Success Stories”

Looking back, I’m forced to reflect on a time when I was unhappy, sad, depressed, and overweight.  Have you been there, or are perhaps working on moving past this place right now?  We all have a story, the place we’ve come from.  We actually have many stories, some related to how we overcame obstacles, some with adventure, and others filled with fun times.  When you step back and look at your fitness journey, where did you come from?  What’s your motivation, your story?  If you’d like to read Kelsey’s story continue here.

My fitness journey started back with a father as a wrestling coach (he’d go on to coach many other sports over the years), and a mother who was overweight most of her life.  Around my 4th birthday, she lost a lot of weight at this little hometown gym, and felt great.  That gym ended up going bankrupt and she decided if she didn’t buy it and keep it going, she’d gain it all back.  So from the ripe age of 4, my mother owned a gym (which was more like her hobby), and my father was a coach (his full time job was a teacher).  I was the son my father never had, because I was the only child they would have.  (Yup, Erin Hundley and I are both only children.  Look! You are learning so much!)   At age 4, I began swimming competitively, then soccer, basketball, track (for one quick year, many of you know I’m not a runner), and tennis.  I decided not to play sports in college and focus on my academics (International Business/Finance).

When I was 19, my mother convinced me to become a certified group fitness instructor.  She said I’d always stay in shape and not have to pay for a gym membership.  She knew what she was talking about… until I graduated and became a Bank Examiner for FDIC.  I was traveling around NYS, living in hotels, felling alone, and far from being happy or fulfilled. Even though most of the hotels had gyms, I struggled to muster up the motivation to use them.  Most nights I’d just get a pizza and stay in my room.  When I got a new job in Binghamton I’d already put on weight and was depressed. The new job didn’t help.  I’d go to work, sit at a desk all day, go home, and go to bed.  It was suggested that I start taking an anti-depressant, but my mother would have nothing to do with it.  She told me to get myself over to a gym, start working out and teaching again.  If I didn’t feel better in a month, then fine, start taking medication.  Again, she was right (as mothers normally are).  After a year of teaching at a few local gyms as a side job, I’d never felt better.  However, this feeing went away when I was at my “office” job.  I knew this was what I needed to be doing.  Fitness, feeling positive, healthy, and helping others this, I knew was my destiny.  So, I quit my “office” job and started Red’s Real Fitness in April 2006.

Now 11 years later, we’ve morphed into Positive LifeForce, with a team of 7 and helped so many.  I’ve become a mom, and look forward to watching this story continue!

Meet our Sponsored 5k Runner – Nicole Aitchison!

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My name is Nicole. I’m a social worker and a mother of two little boys. I played a lot of sports way back in middle school and high school (soccer, volleyball and even track) but did not keep up with my fitness once I went off to college. I went on hikes and walks but I wasn’t in shape anymore. I had spent time living in several other countries and since public transport and walking to one’s destination was more prevalent in those places I maintained some small level of fitness. However, after returning to the States and living here about 5 years, especially in the suburbs where the car is king, I was far from healthy. This became especially clear after I had my first child.

About 6 months after the birth of my second child, I decided I wanted to get back in shape.  I joined Positive Life Force last April and was surprised at how much I enjoyed exercising again and none of the old negative attitudes about working out plagued me this time around.  I was motivated and I didn’t start making excuses to get out of exercise.  I actually looked forward to it. That didn’t mean that when I was doing the exercise that I loved it, but the feeling of accomplishment and the results to my health were worth it to me.  I lost 40 pounds during the first 5 months.  I particularly enjoyed the high intensity work outs like BodyShred and Spin.

The one exercise that I still avoided completely was running.  The thought of it made me shudder, to be honest, but I wanted to like it and I liked the portability of it.  It was something I could do where ever I ended up and whenever I had a bit of extra time.  I have dabbled with running throughout my life.  I mentioned above that I ran track in high school but it was really more for social reasons and I only did the short runs (100,200 and 400 meters).  Several times after high school I’d start jogging alone or with a friend but this never lasted long. I never maintained the motivation. To me, running was a punishment. I guess I can blame that on my soccer coach for the laps if we were misbehaving. So when Ken asked me one day if I had ever considered running I gave a very wishy washy response. However, one day when I showed up for a class and realized I had come at the wrong time, I hopped on the treadmill and decided I’d try to run as long as I could just so that I could get a good workout.  I was surprised that it wasn’t as exhausting as I usually found it and I was able to go longer than I expected- probably since I was finally in a bit better shape and was used to regular exercise. I guess that was the first step in my desire to want to try to run a 5K.

I’ve now been to the first training and was able to do the test run for my fastest mile without too much of a problem. I was the slowest but I was just happy to finish it at a faster rate than I would have normally gone. I’m excited to learn about pacing myself and to see how far I can actually go.

Interested in training with Positive LifeForce? Learn about our 5k Bridge Run Training starting March 29th!

MTXE (Mental Toughness, Extra Effort) – By Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

Now a month into the New Year, have you stepped up your game?  If the answer is “not yet”, let’s get on it.  I know the winter months can be long and wear on our spirit, but isn’t that when we really need to step up our MTXE (Mental Toughness, Extra Effort).  This is a term one of my mentors, Todd Durkin uses and I love it.  When things get hard, we need to dig deep and step it up.  In his book, “The WOW Book”, he talks about Spirit and MTXE, recanting a story about a great basketball coach and his team.  Some of us just watched one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the Superbowl.  Coaches and athletes can teach us a lot.  However, we don’t need to be on or leading a team to get this motivation.  We have teammates and coaches all around us in our everyday lives.  If you want to elevate your spirit, give a lending hand, or take some time to open up to a friend and let them help you with something you’re struggling with.   Ask yourself where in your life you could add some more MTXE.  Maybe things aren’t going exactly as you want.  Stop and visualize what you do want, don’t complain about it.  Then write down what you are going to do to put in the extra effort to get it.  If you’ve been feeling a little stiff, get up 20 minutes earlier and do a quick AM Yoga/Stretch.  If you don’t know where to start to get healthier, join a program, like our Getting Started: Fitness & Nutrition to help you.  If you are having a hard time staying motivated, find a friend to buddy up with and hold each other accountable.  Get your mind on board, up that mental toughness, put yourself in action and put in the extra effort.  You won’t regret it and will see that spirit soar!

Live, Laugh, Be FIT!
~ Kelsey & the PLF Team

Change is an Ever Occurring Presence – By Kelsey Searles

kelsey and quinnChange is an ever-occurring presence in our life.  There’s no stopping it.  Sometimes it’s big and sometimes it’s just the small day to day.  Many times, we don’t even notice it daily as we race through our busy lives, unless we take the time to be present and aware.  This month we kicked off a virtual 21-Day Yoga Retreat Challenge, that helps us be more present, make slowing down, meditation and yoga a daily occurrence (even if it’s only for 30 minutes).  Doing this challenge, having my daughter Quinn (17 months old and doing something new every day), as well as being in beautiful Costa Rica with my family is really helping me slow down and notice everything going on.  This first month is a great time to take a step back, notice where you were last year and where you are today.  Where do you want to be next year?  What changes must happen to get you there?  There will be change that you make happen and that which will happen no matter what.

Change can be scary if you let it, but we can’t live in fear.  Embrace it and if you don’t like it, take action!  Get out there and do something about it.  Don’t complain, find the positive and take control.  I urge you to take some time this month and think, write, manifest what it is you want.  What actions you can take.  Then let’s all get out there and grab on to our ever-evolving world and make it the best we can.

Attitude of Gratitude – By Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

“There’s nothing quite like the feeling of an “ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE”.  As a matter of fact, if you are feeling stressed, anxious, or unhappy, spend MORE time in GRATITUDE.”, from Todd Durkin’s, recently released ‘The WOW Book’.

At our PLF Team meeting this week I gave everyone this book, and reminded them how grateful I was of them.   In chapter 44, Gratitude, from Todd Durkin’s The WOW Book, he talks about keeping a gratitude journal to write in a few times a week.  I love this idea, and what better time of year to start!  When we take a moment to step back and see all the amazing things that are happening right in front of us, it puts things in perspective.  I’m grateful for so many things… my daughter, and first child, Quinn and her Dad, Positive LifeForce, and everything we do to help people be happy, healthy and strong. I’m also grateful for the accepting community and atmosphere we have created at the studio, and our committed and diverse team.  The list could go on and on.  I’m sure yours could too.

When was the last time you started to list out everything you’re grateful for?  Thanksgiving and Christmas is not just about food and presents, it’s a time we get to see family, be reminded of all the gifts we have in our lives (not just physical), and get the opportunity to share that with those important to us.  Let’s all spend a little extra time over the next month being a little more mindful and recognizing the daily gifts we are given.  Try it out, then share it.  Help someone else, give the gift of kindness, say thank you, smile…

If you are taking the time out of your day to read this, thank you.  Let’s make our world, the one right in front of us that we can affect, one of love and gratitude.  Happy Holidays!

No Hibernating in November! – by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Searles

The final few months of the year are upon us and it really is starting to get colder. I hear a lot of people say when the weather starts to turn and it gets cold, they just want to curl up and hibernate. I get it, and can feel that way too. One thing that keeps me pushing through is surrounding myself with people who encourage, motivate, and believe. At the studio I am bless to be surrounded by an amazing team, and our awesome clients! I’m not just saying that. This morning we had a team meeting and even though it was early, I loved the enthusiasm and passion the team had as we talked about our ideas and in which direction to move the studio. We talked about some of our clients’ accomplishments, including nominating our clients of the year, which we’ll be announcing next month. As I left and headed to a one of my favorite client’s house for a session, two ladies were having their first session with Molly. I asked them how they were doing and they enthusiastically replied, “great!” These are the days that remind me why we’ve been at it for 10 years, and consistently strive to be better, and help more people feel “great”!

You may not always be able to surround yourself physically with people and ideas that help keep you on your positive path, so consistently reading books or watching videos can keep you connected with those who inspire you. I was selected to participate in Todd Durkin’s new The WOW Book launch group, and recently read one of his 52 short stories/lessons, #10 Belief. The story talks about the start of the Rocky movie, and Sylvester Stallone. He believed in himself so much he had to sell his dog! How much do you believe in yourself? Sure it’s easy when the sun is out, and everything is going your way, but are you surrounding yourself with the people and motivation to keep going when it gets tough? It’s a great story; if you want to check it out, follow this link,

As these months get colder and colder, lean on those around you, find inspiration, stay connected, and let’s help each other believe anything is possible!

New Seasons at PLF – by Kelsey Searles

Written by Kelsey Newman

Written by Kelsey Newman

September always seems to fly by, with the end of summer, the start of school, and just getting back into the routine of things.  I love October because it feels like life settles down just enough and is a good month to refocus on our health and fitness.  I have to admit; I’ve stepped up my game personally with a new spin class I’m teaching on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm.  I really want to build this class and rock it out with a great group as we wrap up our “hump day”!  If you’re around, stop in and join us, I promise I’ll be nice (haha!)

As we look around and start to see the changes in the trees, and our lawns, it reminds us that change is always happening.  We’ll never stop it, so might as well just go with it.  We are experiencing some changes at Positive LifeForce, which I am happy and have some mixed emotions towards.

We will be saying farewell to one of our long time trainers, Matthew Barrett.  He will be relocating to Massachusetts this month to be with his girlfriend and pursue other opportunities.  Although his authentic, strong, and calming nature will be missed around the studio, we are also very excited as he embarks on this new chapter of his life, and wish him the best of luck!

As we say goodbye to Matthew, we are super excited to welcome two new ladies to our PLF Team!  First, we have Jennifer Mahar, who is our new Studio Manager.  Jennifer has an extensive background in management and is a welcome addition to our team.  If you see her at the front desk, please say hello introduce yourself, and let her know if there’s anything she can do to help you.  We are also welcoming Molly Wilson into our family of trainers.  Molly is a local Occupational Therapist who has always wanted to expand her knowledge into fitness to help even more people be happy and healthy.  Please give Molly a big welcome when you see her.

So many exciting changes happening this month!  Some of you may have noticed we have mixed up our schedule as well.  We now have a Spin, Circuit or TRX class happening every night (M-Th) at 5:30 pm and 6:15 pm.  Complement that with FREE PiYo all month on Tuesday nights at 6:15 pm, Stroller Boot Camps at Highland Park at 4 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, plus Pre/Post Natal Yoga with yours truly ever Monday at 5:30 pm.   Whew, makes me smile just thinking about it all, and my head spin a little from all the planning it took our team, but here we are!  We do really hope you’ll stop in, say hello, and try out a class (if you’re not already).  I promise, you won’t regret it!   Let’s go, Full Fall Ahead…


5k Runner Blog – Stephanie Pixley

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stephanie pixleyThe training continues! I’ve been keeping up with training sessions every Thursday evening, and have been doing well with the homework assignments throughout the week. I can’t begin to describe my surprise at my progress already. The first session I attended, we tracked our best mile time, just to get an idea pace-wise where we stood. We revisited this exercise just last week and my best mile time has improved by a full minute! I could hardly believe it!

This is not to say that I do not have my challenges. I’ve recently discovered that I tend to push a little too hard, and end up slowing after a while. I will continue to work on keeping a steady pace that I can maintain longer. Finding that happy medium between pace and longevity is something I will continue to work on as we move closer to race day.

Training has been fantastic, and we have been provided a slew of helpful tips. One such tip was to try weight training. I’ve recently incorporated weight training into my daily grind and I have to say… I feel better than ever– more energy and stamina.

I look forward to more great practices, and hopefully some further improvement!

Half Marathon Blog #3 – Jen Barnes

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Jen run picIt has been a very crazy few weeks. After my vacation where all was well and I was getting my runs in, I did something to my leg. I was running my scheduled 10 mile run and usually my legs are tight until the 2 mile mark but something was different they never loosened up. I ended up walking and running the 10 miles. When I was not running my leg did not hurt, so I was hoping it was not something serious. I listened to Erin and I took it easy for about a week. I just walked instead of run and I cut back on my miles. I could not believe with less than a month to go I was having issues. The next week I increased my distance a little but my leg told me to keep the speed slow. I realized that it was important that I listen to what my body was telling me.

One of the discussions after our group run was the foam roller and the use of a ball to roll on your muscles. Once I used the ball I could tell where my issue was.  I continued using the ball and icing the area and it is slowly getting better. I was able to complete an 11 mile run and it felt good.

With only a little over 2 weeks to go I am nervous and excited. I have 1 more long run this weekend and then we will start shortening the distances. It is hard to believe that 2 years ago I made the decisions I need to get healthy. In that time I have lost 150 pounds, currently I have completed multiple 5ks, and an 8k race. While on vacation I even completed a ropes course. My next accomplishment will be the half marathon on the 18th. I really want to thank Erin and Ken and all the runners in the Thursday night group. I could not have gotten this far without you support,  knowledge, and encouragement.

Fall Inspiration – By Kelsey Searles

kelsey and quinnWhat an amazing and inspirational summer this has been! It has been a hot one, which personally, I absolutely love! Just this week we watched a team of young boys from Maine Endwell become World Champions, and in the same time show humility and grace while doing it. It’s one thing to spend your hot summer playing on the field, being perfect in your season, but then to be the best in the world and take that moment to honor the other team, is truly something special. I heard these kids say we are both great teams that deserved to win. The example this sets, not only to our youth, but also to us, the adults of the world. It is heartwarming.

Quinn turned one a year ago…well that few by! I pray each day that I am raising her with the same values and integrity that these young boys showed the world this week. We can all be great, and we can all be grateful for those who help us along the way. Let’s recognize others who push, encourage, support and are great right along with us!

The fall is approaching and one of the most beautiful times in UpState NY. It signifies a change of season, but more than that a time to let the lazy days of summer go and refocus on the road ahead. We have some fun new changes happening at the studio to complement the tides of change this season brings. Make sure to check out the Limited Time Schedule we’ll be offering starting next Tuesday, September 6th, with special pricing for unlimited days. Our way to help you shift back into the day to day with out the same old.ME little leage win

Personally, Quinn and I will be out there trying to help the local mommas in the area get fit, and connect with some of our new Mommy/Family & Me classes, plus FREE Mommy Playdates! Our PLF Team will also be out in the community at a number of events, including two teams of runners at the Greater Binghamton Dick’s Marathon. This event is way more than a Marathon, so check it out. There’ll be family fun for all! Happy fall everyone, let’s get up, get out and be healthy!

Live, Laugh, Be FIT!

~ Kelsey Searles

Half Marathon Blog #2 – Jen Barnes

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Jenn BarnesIt is hard to believe we are in week 7 of the training for the half marathon. I have now ran 9 miles, getting closer to the goal. I realize how my everyday life has changed since I started to run. I not only am running for training for my half marathon and I was assigned homework but I run to stay active and trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.
There are so many road blocks in my life that I have to maneuver around to get the time to get out and run. With it being summer the heat for me is a big one. I try to wait until 7pm to go for a run but mentally it is really hard to go out at that time, but I just get up and do it. I feel proud of myself after completing my run, just because I did it, where as in the past I would have just stayed home and sat on the couch and said I will do it tomorrow.
Another road block is the time constraint. I usually run my shorter runs during the week and save my longer runs for the weekends when I have more time. However, with it being summer I seem to have plans every weekend. However, I now make sure that I leave myself a few hours on one of my days off so I can get my longer run in. Also, I made sure on a recent vacation that I did get some running in; it might not have been the distance that I would have done at home but I did get some in.
A big hurdle for me is myself. It seems my brain will tell myself you are tired, you do not need to go further or I will be just bored with it. It is always a struggle to stay focused. I try not to think during my run of how much further to go before I am finished, instead I might say at the 2 mile mark I am going to get a drink. Sometimes I alternate the directions of my run to make things more interesting. I will also try to focus on my music. These tricks usually work to distract my brain and helps me stay focused on my run.
I have come to realize if I want to be a better person, a better mom I need to take care of me first. I feel so good about myself after I accomplish my run I am then able to deal with others in a more positive manner.

DICK’s Relay Runner Bog #1 – Charissa Zaino

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image1Hey everyone!! Just checking in…. Wow how these weeks are flying right by!. I’m currently in week 4 of training and boy oh boy is this week tuff. I have really good weeks, but then I have bad weeks and this is one of the weeks that have been bad. My legs just feel so heavy and tight and I’m struggling with running in this crazy humidity, so unfortunately I have been sticking with the treadmill more than I would like.  However I will pull through just like I do the other weeks. Throughout training I have been struggling to make it to our group meetings on Thursdays due to busy working schedule,  but I have still managed to get my runs in. In week two of training I was able to get together for a group run and meet my team for the relay! They were all so very nice and I loved meeting them all! Well I’m going to keep on keeping on and please continue to follow me on my journey. Talk to you all soon!

Half Marathon Runner Blog #1 – Jen Barnes

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Jen BarnesAnother week of homework has been accomplished. I have now successfully ran 7 miles (twice actually) and have completed the other 2 runs. It is funny now that when I talk about what I have to run and I say I have a short run to do which is a 4 mile run. Last year at this time I just started to walk for 30 minutes a few times a week and the year prior to that I was lucky if I would do any sort of extra walking.

I have changed my whole life style. In the past what was planned was what was for dinner and what was on TV. Now still need to plan the meals but they have a different focus now, healthier foods always making sure I get the proper amount of protein in as well as drinking enough to make sure I am hydrated. I am also planning my runs. With the warm weather I usually plan my activities around my runs. I make sure that on my days off from work I can get out early and get my longer runs in before it is to hot. I usually run the shortest run during the week after the sun starts to go down. I am even planning on how I am going to get my run in while I am on vacation.

I have 2 months to go before the half marathon and I am excited to be a part of it.

5k Runner Blog #1 – By Stephanie Pixley

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stephanie pixleyMy name is Stephanie Pixley, and I’m training to run a 5K with the help of Positive Life Force. I’m not certain what I was expecting that first practice, but wow! I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so kind and supportive! From the instructors- Ken and Erin, to my fellow runners (with immensely admirable goals), the outpouring of acceptance and encouragement was breathtaking. I felt a part of a team!

The training was tough- but manageable. I discovered I had a bit more competitiveness in me than I had first thought, because I was astounded at my one mile time. It must have driven me harder to be around other runners. I am more accustomed to running by myself on a treadmill, so I needed to get used to the terrain, and especially the heat and sun. I was dripping sweat!

I already feel stronger and more confident in myself, and I’m looking forward to what the future brings! What can I say? I’m hooked!

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