Corporate Programs

Positive LifeForce offers comprehensive corporate wellness programs with many options that can fit any size business.   We customize all our programs to fit what your business and employees are looking for.  Programs range from wellness or weight loss challenges, on-site/off-site classes, to virtual motivation and accountability.  Programs can be employer sponsored or subsidized, as well as employee paid.

Sample of On-site & Off-site Program Offerings

  • Fitness and Yoga classes
  • Fitness, General Health, and Nutrition Workshops
  • Fitness, walking, weight loss challenges
  • Virtual Challenges that include workouts, daily motivation and tasks, plus compete on our leaderboard
  • Employee discounts to classes and programs

Let us design a program for your business and employees.  Fill out our quick questioner, to help us know exactly what you are looking for, or email us at to get started.