Below are a few sample programs we’ve organized in the past:

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Onsite / Offsite Classes

Get together 4+ colleagues and enjoy tailored workouts with a Personal Trainer. Choose from 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions. Sample class formats might include Boot Camp, Yoga, Circuit Training, Strength Training and more. Just ask for options.

FitBit Walking Challenge

Digital Pedometer

Grab your FitBit or download a pedometer app on your phone and take the stairs! With this fun, yet simple, challenge, we’ll help your employees meet their daily quota of steps to walk their way to fitness. Participants have either a set number of days to walk or they have a mileage goal. Employees receive a weekly email with fitness tips, homework, meal ideas and weekly results. The winner is based on who reaches the predetermined “destination” first or who walks the most mileage in the time allotted.  We can set up this challenge in teams or for individuals.

Weight Loss Challenge

Fat mature man measuring his belly with measurement tape

Participants receive a nutritionist-approved food plan, a weekly email from a Personal Trainer including fitness homework, education and encouragement.  Employees are weighed and measured privately before and after the challenge. Winners and prizes are either team based or individually based depending on the preference of the group. Four-week and six-week options are available.

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