Fit Kids Programs

Healthy kids turn into healthy adults! Let us teach your kids how to get and stay fit while having lots of fun.

Kids Kung Fu –

Grades K-5, Saturdays @ 9:45 – 6 weeks, starts 3/28, 6 for $48, $10 Drop-in

Kids Light Saber Training

Saturdays @ 10:30pm – 6 weeks, starts 3/26, 6 for $48, $10 Drop-in. Grades K-5

Kids Fit Club* –

Thursdays @ 4:30pm – 4 weeks, starts 3/26, 4 for $32, $10 Drop-in. Ages 4-8yrs

The name of the game is FUN while we learn about the 4 components of fitness (cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and balance), through play, games, dance, Yoga, and more. Every kid gets to be creative and be the leader when it’s their turn to make up a game for the day.

Kids Yoga* –

Mondays @ 4:30 pm – 4 weeks, starts 3/23, 4 for $32, $10 Drop-in. Ages 4-8yrs

*Circuit Class @ 4:30pm, on Mondays and Thursdays is JUST $5 for Parents of children

attending Kids Classes

Keep Kids Movin’

(Games, Fitness, Yoga, and More)

Description: Taught by a Certified Personal Trainer, and owner of Positive LifeForce, Kelsey Searles, this program gives kids exactly what they need after school— physical activity and mental stimulation! The name of the game is FUN, while we learn about the four components of fitness (cardio respiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance), through play, games, crafts, dance, Yoga, and more.
Grades: K-5th at George F. Johnson (GFJ only)

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Functional Development for Kids and Sports (Grade 4 and 5)

Are your kids spending most of their time on sport-specific skills, or would you like to see them get off the couch, play less video games, or have more social interaction? This class is designed to give kids fundamental building blocks. The movements we learn will focus on overall physical development, getting kids moving with proper form, and helping them excel in any sport or in life development itself. We prioritize fitness and movement proficiency over the magnitude of performance. We teach kids, so they are knowledgeable and have general development correlated with long term performance and injury prevention. Taught by Certified Personal Trainer, and Owner of Positive LifeForce, Kelsey Searles.
Grades: 4th-5th (GFJ Students Only)

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Parent and Child Yoga

Ages 7–12
Classes will be held at Positive LifeForce Studios, Endwell

Have you ever wished you could share the experience of learning a healthy habit with your kids? Try doing yoga together! Yoga helps kids and adults get in touch with their bodies, strengthen and relax muscles, and develop coordination, focus and confidence. Discover yoga in this easy going, fun and energetic environment. Learn how to move your body, mind and breath in traditional (and not so traditional) yogic ways. Come ready to chill out, enjoy time together and explore. No yoga experience is necessary. Fee includes one adult and one child.

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Blissful Kids Yoga

Taught by Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Owner of Positive LIfeForce, Kelsey Searles, this class is centered around having fun, while learning to breathe, and listening to our bodies without competition, judgment, or expectations. Imagination is a big part of class when kids get to make their own poses, and develop their own Yoga Flow. We use the breath to help children relax and help children control impulses when faced with challenges in life. Kids learn to find balance between strength and flexibility, while utilizing their inherent ability of movement and elasticity. We create a non-competitive environment of physical fitness, which allows kids to truly enjoy learning a new skill. We have fun playing and moving, learn to respect others, and leave judgment and expectations at the door!
Grade: K-5 (GFJ Students only)

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Kids Groove Class

Positive LifeForce believes that music inspires the movements that are taught, as well as the way each kid moves in their own unique way. This IS NOT meant to be a technical “dance class,” but instead a way for kids to enjoy movement through music. Simple movements allow everyone to be successful. The class provides a safe and fun environment to explore the possibilities of movement so each child has the opportunity to find their own unique way to move. This class will help kids increase their mobility, flexibility, strength, and can help improve their physical and mental health through the positive benefits of music and dance.

Grade: K-5th grade

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Kids Groove Yoga

We are combining our Kids Yoga with the Groove Method technique where we’ll get moving to fun music wiggle, shimmy, shake and dance to our own dance! Blissful Kids Yoga and Groove is designed to focus on the process, not an outcome. Helping Kids find balance, relax, and most importantly, have fun, while developing self-control, better body awareness, coordination, and flexibility. Students are encouraged to make a pose or movement their own, and not focus on an end, finish line, or final goal. We approach yoga as play, and adding the grooving, we make movement and fitness fun, creating a lifelong love of physical activity. Everyone is successful in Yoga Groove, so we begin to foster an environment for improved self-esteem and confidence, where creativity and imagination can be expressed. This is accomplished through games, dance, share circles, mindful movements, breath work, and visualizations that help move energy and breathe through the body as we calm our minds.
Grade: K-5th grade

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Qing Long Lightsaber Training

A Martial Arts class geared towards fun! Based on the Jedi way from the movies of Star Wars. We will explore lightsaber combat (with foundations of real martial arts and fitness). Ages 6+

Kelsey Searles is a Registered 200 hour-Certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, and Owner of Positive LifeForce.