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PLF Client of the Month – Theresa Goodrich!

My name is Theresa Goodrich.  I am fifty-six years old, a retired elementary teacher, and someone who’s always looking for “something new.”  I’m also a Type I diabetic, and have been since 1972 – I was diagnosed at age ten.  As a result, I have the “busted-up” kind of body that makes exercise extremely challenging, and I often tease Kelsey that I look like “I’ve never exercised a day in my life.”  She and I both know better, however.

I started training with Kelsey and Positive Life Force almost three years ago.  I received a mailing that outlined the studio, gave her a call, and thought I’d give personal training a try.  Because I have some chronic health issues, I’ve been to physical therapy for several bouts; one therapist even called me, rather insensitively, “a lifer.”  I don’t want to consider myself a lifetime PATIENT;  I’d rather be a lifetime CLIENT.  Kelsey has been wonderful in making our workouts interesting, challenging at MY level, and adding tons of variety in her presentation.  We stress what I CAN do, then push the limits to make gains wherever possible.  I enjoy the benefits of added strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility.

I have worked with both Kelsey and Matthew in personal sessions, and have met with Erin and Kelli as well.  They all display not only a strong knowledge and skill base of many forms of exercise and their benefits, but a warmth and caring attitude that make the atmosphere at Positive Life Force unique to this area. My weekly training sessions are genuinely “a gift to myself” – they continue to give me great benefits as I practice my exercises throughout the week between appointments.  I have now convinced my husband, Phillip, to take strength training classes with Ken:  Phil is comfortable in the classes, trying new things and adding more comfort to his aching sixty year-old joints.

Positive Life Force has been a wonderful addition to my life.  I appreciate the physical gains I’ve been able to accomplish, the attention to detail, the personal care and consideration, and the genuine friendships I’ve developed. Let’s keep up the good work!


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