GROOVE n’ Yoga (for Adults & Kids)

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We are taking two of our most popular classes, GROOVE and Yoga, and combining them to wiggle, shimmy, shake and dance to our own dance, then stretch it all out! Both GROOVE and Yoga are designed to help you focus on a process, not an outcome. We get the body moving, find balance, stretch it out, and relax, while developing self-control, better body awareness, coordination, and flexibility. Students are encouraged to make a pose or movement their own, and not focus on an end, finish line, or final goal. We approach yoga as play, and adding the GROOVE makes the movement and fitness aspect fun, creating a lifelong love of physical activity. Everyone is successful in GROOVE n’ Yoga, so we begin to foster an environment for improved self-esteem and confidence where creativity and imagination can be expressed. Most importantly, we have fun!


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