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Hi everyone!  My name is Jan and I have been lucky enough to have been selected as this year’s Positive Life Force Bridge Run 5K Sponsored Runner!  I am extremely excited about taking on this process and sharing my experience with others.

First things first – allow me to introduce myself!  I live in Endwell with my husband and two children, I am an Adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Latin American History at SUNY Broome, and I am not (historically speaking) a runner!  In fact, my relationship with physical fitness in general has been “complicated.”  As in, fitness and I have gone out a few times but have never made any kind of lasting commitment to each other!  A couple of years back I started taking classes at Positive Life Force and realized quickly that my body was actually capable of being strong and active.  That might sound absurd but it really was a surprise to me!  Fitness and I seemed to reach a sort of understanding with each other but nonetheless, after a while, for a whole number of reasons (both valid and less so) fitness and I drifted apart again.

I just recently turned 40 and had previously set a half-hearted goal to run a 5K before my 40th birthday.  The half-hearted nature of the goal meant that I gave it literally no priority in my life but then proceeded to feel kind of disappointed in myself for not having achieved it.

I have a mixed bag of emotions about running…I can’t say that I hate it because I’ve never really done it in any kind of consistent way.  I can say that I’ve avoided running because I didn’t want to be part of the running ‘craze’ that has been happening around me.  Seems like everyone is running lately, doesn’t it?  Did I really want to be one of those people who jumps on the nearest bandwagon?  Well, the mature answer to that is yes – because that bandwagon is helping to make our population think differently about fitness and get healthier!  If you are going to be a trend-follower there are far worse options out there for you to attach yourself to!

So here I am…5 days into my newest endeavor and, once again, my body surprises me.  The first night of training was difficult for me – I wasn’t feeling great, was nervous about the whole thing, and had pretty low expectations of what I was going to be capable of.  But I made it through our mile run to find our best time!  I survived it, set a time that is not great but is a starting point, and none of my internal organs exploded (more on that in a moment…)!

As of today, I’ve done two of my 3 homework assignments – a 2 mile run at my slow steady rate and a 2 mile run at my moderate steady rate.  The slow steady rate went really smoothly and I finished the 2 miles without any walking!  Today’s moderate rate run was a little harder and I did have to do a short recovery walk in the middle.  But overall, I’m finding the training surprisingly tolerable!

I will keep plugging away at the training but, unfortunately, I will be hitting a bit of a speed bump this coming week when I have my gall bladder removed! L I’m hoping that they post-surgical delay will be brief and that feeling better afterward will make these runs even easier!


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