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Hey guys, gals, and everyone in between! My name is Karen-Elizabeth (just “Karen” is fine) and I’m so excited to be one of this year’s sponsored runners! When I first started running, I was about 35 lbs heavier than I am today and I could barely run a mile. I knew I wanted to make a change — not just because my wedding was coming up (it was, and has since passed — Mrs. Moroski here now!) but because I desperately wanted to look in the mirror and see someone who looked like ME. I didn’t feel like myself anymore — college weight, legal drinking age weight, you name it and I packed it on. The time had come, in February of 2014, to make moves. My then-fiancee (now wife) and I bought a treadmill and I got some running shoes. I started Couch25K, and I never looked back.
Slowly, I fell in love with running. I reached new milestones — 5K without walking, 10K without walking, new speeds, new records… and then I decided to set a much bigger goal: a half marathon. This fall, my wife and I ran without any walk breaks the entire Empire State Half Marathon in 2:18:48. I was so proud!
But what’s a type-A overachiever to do next? I decided I wanted to join Half Fanatics. To do so, I would have to run four half marathons in 28 days… do-able, I thought to myself. So I registered for four races: the first one is in my hometown of Scranton, PA. The second, in Allentown PA. The third, in Asbury Park NJ. And finally, the Bridge Run here in Binghamton, where I live now. It’s going to be a REALLY wicked April for me — but I’m so excited to embark on this adventure!
To run the Bridge Run will be such an amazing experience — not only will I be reaching my goal of joining Half Fanatics and finishing all four races, but I’ll be surrounded by the support of my friends and my community here. As a graduate student here I’ve really come to love the Binghamton area, and I can’t wait to be a part of its premier running event!
I’m so thankful to the folks at Positive Life Force for seeing the value in my story, and I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you!

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