Nicole Zaino – Half Marathon

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    Nicole Zaino crop


Hi there –
My name is Nicole and I have lost 110lbs in a year and a half. My entire life I have struggled with my weight, and I finally said enough was enough. I never thought I could do something like run. My entire life I listened to stories about my dad being an amazing runner in his day, and my mom still being an active runner. I thought, “I can do this”. Little did I know, running is really a love/hate. I hated running when I started, and some days, I still do! But, I love how I feel when I am done with my run. I feel like I am taking care of myself after all the years of unhealthy behavior and sedentary lifestyle. I am not a fast runner, and I don’t have the perfect form when I run, but I try my best. I have been chosen as the half marathon sponsored runner for 2016. What an honor, but what a lot of work. I am a nurse ¬†and some days my hours are crazy, but we started training this week. I got 3 decent runs in. By decent, I mean I didn’t keel over! This is going to take work and determination but I am focused and encouraged by everyone at positive life force and all the wonderful people in the group this year. My goal? FINISH THE RACE.


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