Success Stories

Theresa Goodrich

PLF Client of the Month – Theresa Goodrich! My name is Theresa Goodrich.  I am fifty-six years old, a retired elementary teacher, and someone who’s always looking for “something new.”  I’m also a Type I diabetic, and have been since 1972 – I was diagnosed at age ten.  As a result, I have the “busted-up” […]

Kristy Spencer

Hi I’m Kristy! I became a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl in August 2013. While pregnant I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t think of how my eating habits would affect me in the long run. I tried to do the at home pregnancy workout dvd’s but quickly started […]

Mike Szeliga & Judy Ghosin

We retired in 2015 and no longer had any excuses for not taking better care of ourselves! We started the year with a commitment to do just that, and began an exercise regimen. We saw results but soon realized we wanted some help, and started looking into training facilities. We wanted to find a place that made it […]

Mike Gavin

PLF has been a very a very good experience for me. In the summer of 2014, I started looking for a facility to start working out again. It had been a while since I worked out regularly and I wanted to increase my energy level, drop some weight and feel better. At previous gyms, I […]

Gary Schell

My Success Story Age: 66 Challenged by Cerebral Palsy I met Ken at church and learned that he was a personal trainer. I wanted to train with him, but he was reluctant to train me because of my cerebral palsy. After a local physical therapist evaluated me and recommended personal training, Ken agreed to be […]

Terri & Billy Kozloski

My Success Story I used to be one of those annoying persons who could eat anything and not gain weight (used to be). In 2010, I had been battling a two-year weight gain that I was completely unprepared to handle. I tried diets, walking, food journals and meeting with a personal trainer at a local […]

Amy Winter

My Success Story Just wanted to send an appreciative happy shout out to the trainers of Positive LifeForce, as well as my fellow exercise enthusiasts who I attend each exciting and challenging class with for helping me reach one of my short term goals! I have always loved exercising and have been active my entire […]

Travis Hayes

My Success Story Like most of America, I would usually spend my Tuesday nights sitting in my La-Z Boy, eating a third slice of pizza, and watching ‘The Biggest Loser.’ I’m just kidding… I wouldn’t eat three slices of pizza while watching ‘The Biggest Loser’…usually it would be at least four or five slices. But […]

Jane Blake

My Success Story Although I have been a regular exerciser all my adult life, it wasn’t until I started going to Kelsey’s classes that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and began to broaden the scope of my workouts. For years, I attended large classes at various gyms and I would never think […]

Rusty Hanafin

My Success Story Sometimes you just have to take charge. Five years ago I was hunting Brown Bears in Southern Alaska. I was 45 years old at the time. 242 pounds on a wide six foot frame. After following my hunting guide Robert Berry, for only twenty minutes, I was feeling terrible and embarrassed for […]

Eleanor Housworth

My Success Story April 1, 2010—That’s the day I made a commitment to myself to improve my health and well-being. Over the few months prior to that day, I had been watching a colleague of mine, Chris Waters, making so much progress week after week with weight loss and fitness. I could see that what […]

Mary Ann Wanecski

My Success Story I started training with Kelsey Searles of Positive LifeForce several months ago. Since working with her, I have discovered that I can lift fairly heavy objects with ease due to the development of my upper arm and core muscles. I also have acquired more leg strength and stability. Recently, I returned from […]

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