My Success Story

Just wanted to send an appreciative happy shout out to the trainers of Positive LifeForce, as well as my fellow exercise enthusiasts who I attend each exciting and challenging class with for helping me reach one of my short term goals! I have always loved exercising and have been active my entire life, from playing just about every sport in our side lot as a kid, to playing Division I soccer in college (before my knee injury), and developing the passion for yoga, biking, long distance running, and hiking as I have grown older.

So with all of this activity in my life, I’ve always been in pretty decent shape, up until about two years ago when I developed a bone spur in my big toe mixed with arthritis and constant inflammation. My intermittent exercise program and sometimes “not so good” eating habits, which stemmed from my sadness of not being able to be active, earned me a shopping spree to purchase clothes two sizes bigger. After much procrastination, I finally went to see a podiatrist and within two months my foot challenges were under control and I was able to exercise again on a consistent basis. Yahoo! I was so excited! My last visit to the Doctors I gave him a big hug and thanked him for helping me recover and get back into running. That’s when he suggested that I take up biking instead.

It just so happened, when I went home that afternoon, the Coupon Book was in the mail (which I never look at) but I glanced at the front cover and there was this ad for Positive Life Force. I got on the web page and poked around and noticed they had spinning classes. I thought to myself, this is a sign and decided to give it a whirl! My first adventure was Chris Water’s spin class, and it was awesome! Don’t get me wrong, it was super challenging, I think I sweated off a pound or two, and when I got home I had to take a nap but it was super motivating, everyone in the class was very positive and helpful, the music was pumping, and best of all Chris kept saying “Make this your work out, challenge yourself to push a little more!”

It was so unlike the classes I have taken at the “gym” or most of the people I have met there. People said hi, they encouraged me, at the end of the session, they told me great job! It wasn’t a competition, it didn’t matter how I looked in my workout clothes. It was just real people working on personal goals, at their own pace, inspiring each other! The synergy was fantastic! I was hooked!

PLF makes it easy to stay committed to a balanced lifestyle! There are so many classes to choose from and events to keep you going! Whether it be, Kelsey’s “kick butt” creative Boot Camp (How does she think of those things anyhow?) or her “Deck of Cards,” Erin H.’s sweet quiet voice during a small group training session that will leave you sore (a good sore) the next day, or Erica’s early morning super spin class that lets you get your workout “done and over with.” Throw in a Summer Makeover Challenge with team competition, some of Chris’s “You can do anything for a minute” pushes, Erin M. ‘s “Woo Hoo’s” during a long climb, or Ken’s countdowns on his watch during an exercise, and a nice big stretch from Carole, and your workout environment is complete! Thanks guys for making my choice “to commit” be easy! It’s amazing to be a part of your family!