My Success Story

April 1, 2010—That’s the day I made a commitment to myself to improve my health and well-being. Over the few months prior to that day, I had been watching a colleague of mine, Chris Waters, making so much progress week after week with weight loss and fitness. I could see that what Chris was doing was not just to get him from here to there—he was really making a true, lasting lifestyle change. After a few months of watching Chris and asking about what he was doing, he said “I bet Kelsey could help you too, El.” My weight was putting me at risk for diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. So here I was—at the proverbial fork in the road. Do I continue on the path that would without a doubt lead to disease or do I take the path to commit to improving my health and well-being?

Honestly, I knew the path I needed to take, but I was scared and wondered if I could really do it—you know, all those self-doubt thoughts. Then Kelsey entered my life. At the initial evaluation, my numbers were not pretty, but she said, “We’ll work on it and you’ll never see those numbers again!” You know what—I believed her! We set goals that were meaningful to me and got started. In the beginning, the workouts were hard—there were many things I couldn’t do, like standing while peddling a bike. Today—no problem! Also, working with Kelsey, I never hurt myself—we moved along at a pace that worked for me, with Kelsey raising the bar little by little each week. Oh, and I have thrown away my elastic waist jeans and can now wear “zipper” jeans, in two sizes smaller! I look forward to the workouts, the sweat, and the friendliness of the other folks also working with Kelsey. It has become a part of me.

So here I am six months later, 53 pounds lighter with more energy and strength than I’ve ever had in my life! I, too, am making a true, lasting lifestyle change! I am so grateful for Kelsey’s guidance, support and encouragement helping me along this path.