My Success Story

Age: 66
Challenged by Cerebral Palsy

I met Ken at church and learned that he was a personal
trainer. I wanted to train with him, but he was reluctant
to train me because of my cerebral palsy. After a local physical therapist evaluated me and recommended personal training, Ken agreed to be my trainer.

Positive LifeForce is a great place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They have adapted equipment to meet my needs. The workouts are hard but I’m getting stronger. Every day is a challenge all day long.
Increasing my mobility, strength and dexterity is very important to me.

When I leave home to come to Positive LifeForce for my workout, everyone says have a good time. I tell them I’m not going to have a good time, its hard work. Positive LifeForce provides me with a safe hard working environment. Thank you Kelsey for the opportunity to improve myself. I’m proud to be part of the PLF Family. That’s why I always wear my PLF shirt.

Trainer’s comments:
Gary works very hard. He is self-motivated and is very independent. He calls me sergeant, but I know he appreciates all of our efforts to give him the best workouts possible and is pleased with his progress. In his last review he had increased strength in 10 out of 12 exercises and has improved his mobility. Gary has a very positive attitude and I enjoy training him.