My Success Story

Although I have been a regular exerciser all my adult life, it wasn’t until I started going to Kelsey’s classes that I was pushed out of my comfort zone and began to broaden the scope of my workouts. For years, I attended large classes at various gyms and I would never think of lifting weights over 8 lbs and I would never use fitness machines. When I began to work out with Kelsey in her small group classes over two years ago, I was introduced to a whole new approach to fitness training. Her workouts were so intentional, concentrating on strength building as well as power and endurance that before I knew it, I was able to use 10 and 15 pound weights and become proficient on all different kinds of fitness equipment. In addition to her technical skills as a fitness teacher, Kelsey has incredible intangible skills that are just as important. She is a natural motivator with a “can do” attitude who believes in helping each of her clients realize their maximum potential no matter what their age. Recently, my husband and I took a 12-day adventure trip to Costa Rica. We hiked between four and five hours per day over rugged terrain in the rain forests and other remote areas of the country, often staying in very primitive accommodations. The experience was exhilarating for us and I was undaunted by the challenges of the trip. I am convinced that this is directly the result of Kelsey’s workouts. So at 63 years of age, I have never felt so physically strong and I feel very grateful to be part of Kelsey’s fitness community.