My Success Story

Hi I’m Kristy! I became a first time mom to a beautiful baby girl in August 2013. While pregnant I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t think of how my eating habits would affect me in the long run. I tried to do the at home pregnancy workout dvd’s but quickly started making excuses to not put in the effort to continue to do them. While pregnant I ended up having a very complicated pregnancy and pre-eclampsia all of which resulted in me gaining 60lbs. After I had my daughter I just kept making excuses to myself which stopped me from being able to work out or get back on track with my fitness goals.

In January of this year a good friend of mine told me about an awesome spin class that she started to go to at PLF Studio. I had always been someone who wanted to try a spin class but was scared I wouldn’t be able to do it or fit in. She advised me that’s not the case at PLF so I decided to give it a try. Well, needless to say, I tried out my first 30min spin class with Erin in January 2016 and have been hooked ever since!

Being a mom, I noticed that Kelsey was starting a stroller boot camp as well in May of this year so I decided to give that a try and absolutely loved it! Not only do I get to spend time with my munchkin while working on my fitness goals, but I also have been able to make a great friendship with Kelsey and a bunch of other mommy’s in the area. I want my daughter to be able to grow up seeing her mom keep fitness part of her daily routine.

As of today I’m happier, stronger and more fit then I’ve ever been with my body and I have the wonderful trainers at PLF to thank for it!