My Success Story

PLF has been a very a very good experience for me. In the summer of 2014, I started looking for a facility to start working out again. It had been a while since I worked out regularly and I wanted to increase my energy level, drop some weight and feel better. At previous gyms, I worked out with one trainer in a similar routine for all workouts with little focus on goals, change in workout routine or different trainers. When the trainer left, I had to start over.

I met with Kelsey for the introduction, review of measurements and discussion of goals. She recommended different workout options, focus and trainers. Her message to me – goals are important and attainable and you can stop in a workout when you have reached YOUR point of exhaustion. At my age I am only competing against myself. This made sense to me and I made workouts a focus in my life again. The staff and trainers are great! Ken has been a huge help to me in the weight lifting program he trains me in – I learned that you can add muscle and strength at any age. Matthew’s body shred and partner classes focus on quick interval training, circuit strength and agility. I am exhausted after Erin’s HIIT classes which are adaptable to any level of fitness by increasing reps, adding weights etc. I look forward to PiYo with Kristine and trying BOOM classes with Amanda. Each of the classes give different options and provide less reliance on any one trainer and provide the message of challenging yourself with different workouts. The feelings from PLF, for me, are positive and focus on self- improvement from the staff.

I last ran a 5k in 1978 and with Ken’s guidance I trained and ran in the 5k of 2015 bridge run with my youngest daughter. This was a confidence builder for me, prior to joining PLF I did not think I would ever run again, lift weights etc. For me, this has been a positive life style change.

As much as there are physical changes from the workouts, I realized that there were mental changes as well and that keeps me going on a daily basis.