My Success Story

We retired in 2015 and no longer had any excuses for not taking better care of ourselves! We started the year with a commitment to do just that, and began an exercise regimen. We saw results but soon realized we wanted some help, and started looking into training facilities. We wanted to find a place that made it easy for us to train together when we wanted to, or train separately to meet different needs at different times. After meeting with Kelsey and Ken, we had a feeling PLF was the right place for us.

Eight months later, we know joining PLF was one of the best things we’ve ever done for ourselves. We have regularly scheduled partner training sessions, we each take various classes based on our own goals and interests, or just go to Open Gym…either together or individually, there are always options for us!

So what do we really like about PLF? We like the focus on us…fitness plans that are based on our goals, goals that may have changed over the months. Nothing is ‘cast in concrete’, and plans can change. We primarily work out with Ken (who even got us into running again!), but enjoy the personalities/strengths/skills of all the trainers. That’s one of the really nice things about PLF…the individuality of the trainers!

The results? We enjoy coming to PLF, and that means that we’ve made working out and exercising a part of our everyday routines. We’re much healthier these days, and we’ve met many of our goals…lost weight, gotten stronger, began running 5k races. And we’ve had fun doing it!