My Success Story

I used to be one of those annoying persons who could eat anything and not gain weight (used to be). In 2010, I had been battling a two-year weight gain that I was completely unprepared to handle. I tried diets, walking, food journals and meeting with a personal trainer at a local gym. That trainer showed me how to use 10 machines and that was it. That June, my husband brought home a flyer advertising a kid’s fitness camp through Positive LifeForce. My husband and I decided to send our then 9-year old son, Billy. He loved it! I was impressed that on the first day Kelsey did a fitness assessment on each kid. He came home every day telling me about the new things he learned, and why they were important. Many sentences started with “Kelsey says…”

At that time my weight was at an all-time high and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I wanted someone to teach me the way Kelsey was teaching my son. So after a miserable week of trying to hide at the beach, I sent Kelsey an e-mail asking her if she thought she would be able to help me. I’m not an athlete and I’ve never exercised regularly. Kelsey has taught me how to exercise, think positively, and how the two are connected. She explained the logic of what we were doing, why we were doing exercises in a particular order, etc. She made sure my form was correct, and she taught me things I could do at home without investing a small fortune in a home gym. I soon felt the confident me returning, and my friends and family also noticed. My “new” clothes were actually the old clothes that had been banished to the back of the closet as too small.

A year later, in June 2011, Billy was looking at which sports camps he wanted to go to that summer. I had an idea that I approached Kelsey with. Billy has always struggled with his running. He doesn’t have a lot of speed and tires easily. His favorite sport is lacrosse, and he is now at a level where lack of hustle will hinder his advancement. Instead of sending him to a sports camp, we sent him to Kelsey. Kelsey, Erin, and I discussed goals. Erin and Ken evaluated Billy’s running—even filming him! Erin then spent the summer working with Billy, explaining what muscles they were working on, how it impacts running, balance, agility, and endurance. Billy learned about his power over his own body. When he gets tired and starts running sloppy I will see him self-correct his gait. A happy moment came this fall when he was asked to play on a travel lacrosse team. The first thing we did was send a text to Erin and Kelsey. He wanted to share his accomplishment with them. I believe everything happens for a reason. A major challenge as a mom of two and with a fulltime job is overcoming the guilt of spending time and money on myself. I am a better mother and wife when I am a healthier, happier person. And this path has led to improving my child’s happiness—and that is the most wonderful of gifts.

To Kelsey, Erin, and Ken—the teacher in me honors the teacher in you.